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Foggy Day | Location: Mandeville Canyon, LA | When: 6-3-21

We picked Louise up in Gen's new car and drove out to Mandeville Canyon overlook. Normally you can see the whole city from here, from the Santa Monica pier all the way to Downtown, but that day we could see nothing. It was fog everywhere, fog around us, between us, in our teeth and in our clothes, in the lens of my camera and in our hearts. Louise collected flowers, many of them dried and crumbling, but her boquet was still beautiful. The fog never cleared so we walked until it was almost dark, turned around, and went home.

Only Living Boy in Los Angeles | Location: Santa Monica Beach | When: 6-21-21

On the beach at night, the only light coming from the ferris wheel on the pier. I've probably taken thousands of photos of Jacob over the past couple years but recently I noticed how most all of the pictures I take are from the slightly lower angle of my eyeline, looking up at him. Beyond capturing him from my artistic or personal perspective, I have been capturing him from my phsyical perspective too. I think my photos say a lot about how I feel about the subjects, even when I don't have the words for it.

Santa Clarita Valley | Location: Near Six Flags | When: 2-28-21

Melissa's childhood bedroom. Everywhere you look there are pieces of her. Hundreds of photos on the walls, printed with love. Blink, Nirvana and Mick Jagger stare you down as you move around the room. 2000s relics fill most of the floor, too many pillows on the couch. It's like living in all of her memories at once.

Low Overhead | Location: Sawtelle, Los Angeles | When: 4-18-21
Here is Jacob, his face shaped in surprise as a plane flies low overhead. It looked like it was going to crash into the skeleton of the strip mall construction site, sending the wood beams and planks flying like fragments of bone. There's something unnatural about being able to see a flying plane up close. Planes are so unnatural in themselves that it almost feels best to keep them at an arm's length, ignoring how we insist on defying the limitations that reality is supposed to have placed on us. One part inspiring, one part terrifying. I hope they landed safely. I'm sure they did.

Gas Stations | Location: Los Angeles | When: late 2018

Film from my gas station project. When I first moved to LA, I became fascinated with all the action taking place at gas stations. They are one of the few places in the city where people of all walks of life converge and interact. I loved the idea of so many different kinds of people being tied together by the need to fill up their tanks. There's also a lot of really crazy looking gas stations in LA, but at this time I didn't have a car so I could only visit the ones nearby on foot or by bus. Jacob, James and I took the bus together this day and visited 7 or 8 gas stations, I have lots more pictures that have yet to see the light of day.

Hollywood Misadventure | Location: Hollywood Blvd. | When: March 2021
Collin in Hollywood. Days before his 21st birthday. I love Collin a lot. When I see his face, I see our history, I see the places where we grew into who we are, driving too fast in the dark next to the ocean. I see laughter and vulnerability and ideas whispered over the phone. I learned recently how important it is to hold your friends close. I am reminded of this constantly.

Gravel Candy | Location: Big Bear, CA | When: March 2021
Marisa gave me her zine of a poem called gravel candy. It made me feel like I knew her memories, like I had been on those adventures. I started writing a poem before I even finished reading hers, you can find it here...