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Nokia | Location: Sunset Village, UCLA | When: 2018?

Back when Youth Culture was a band, I couldn't stop drawing Nokias until I got the perfect one to use for a sticker design. I drew them in class, at meetings, everywhere. I finally drew one that was adequate, scanned it in, and made the sticker sheet with Photoshop 2004 (all that I had on my computer). Jacob and I spent a couple hours cutting them out and laminating them with packing tape before we realized that I had printed on the wrong side of the sticker paper and the stickers were useless. I still have a few left, I'm not sure what happened to the rest...

!!Gay Murder!! | Location: Westwood | When: April 2021
The homeless man who sleeps in our parking garage printed out this email and left it for Gen. It appears to be a conspiracy theory created by himself. On the back are scanned pieces of evidence that correspond to points he makes in the email. He ends his thoughts with the line, "!!JOE... SAY IT AINT SO!!" Zoom in to read the full text.