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Never Say Never | Location: LA | When: April 2021

Never Say Never

a cover I did of Never Say Never by that dog. for a video portrait of Melissa. I had to make a video portrait of a person or persons for my New Genres class so I stitched all these camcorder shots I had of her together to make a sort of title sequence. Sey said that the video was very me, that they would know I made it even if nobody had said so. a lot of people said the music was cool before they knew I had made it so that was validating I guess....

Star Sick | Location: Los Angeles| When: 3-17-21

Star Sick

Voice memo of a guitar idea. It's probably a subconscious rip off of something but it goes with words from a poem I wrote about things feeling cosmically fucked up:

i think the stars r sick
i think my head is thick
i think you’ll never know
all of it in full

i think that when you’re gone
we’ll see it all along
until then i guess
i’ll stick around.

spider | Location: Canyon Point, UCLA| When: 2-18-19


Voice memo of Jacob and I playing a doodle we wrote after watching a movie about a guy with schizophrenia. I think his name was spider? Or it was the name of the film. He lives in a boarding house and slowly declines back into insanity. We were living in the dorms at the time. Before we went insane too, maybe.

Fuck it I'm in love | Location: LA | When: 2020

Fuck it I'm in Love

A little bit of a song I wrote at some point probably about being hopelessly in love. I don't feel that when I listen to it now though. Not quite sure what was going on in my head. It's still unmixed, I might replace it with a better version at some point...

Angel Butterfly | Location: Midvale Ave| When: Aug 6, 2020

Angel Butterfly

Julia and I sitting in the empty bedroom. We rewrote the song she and Luigi made about the guinea pigs to be vaguely Frankie Cosmos. Me playing guitar with a broken arm. Different times.