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Welcome to Radial Fracture

Hi, I'm Mia. Welcome to my world.
I like to take pictures of my friends and places. I do a lot of different kinds of art and make music. Sometimes I use my scanner to capture images and things I find special. Last summer, I fell off a skateboard at a park and broke my arm. 2 hospital visits later, I found out the I had a radial fracture and I could barely use my dominant arm for a couple months. It sucked because I couldn't play guitar, drive around or create for so long, but it helped me realize how easy it is to take things for granted...
Just like the bones in my elbow are essential to moving my arm, it feels like making art and documenting the world around me is essential to me being alive. Now that I am able to do both of these things again, I want to share some of them and give them a life forever on the internet.

I hope you enjoy my work! Leave a note on my Message Board if you looked at any of my pages!

Status Update: I don't want to be a destroyer.